Working from home is a wonderful experience. My wife and I are both lucky enough to be able to work from home almost exclusively. It is nice as we get to spend our lunches together, a small bit of quiet time without our wonderful, energetic little ones. This week has been a little different. School has ended, but summer childcare does not begin until Wednesday. This means instead of our nice quiet house during the day we have all three weasels here all day long. Following the theory that productivity decreases by 166% per child at home, we are collectively 1000% less productive. The work I do does require some bit of calm to accomplish anything and trying to focus when there are rambunctious twin one-year-olds gnawing on my legs only introduces bugs and takes twice the time to repair later. So instead of fighting through distractions I tried to get done what I could and enjoy seeing the children during their semi-normal daily  routine, which mostly involves laughing, stealing toys from each other, trying to get through open child gates, inventing games that your two younger siblings will never understand, crying to be held by mommy and the occasional nap.