If you were to choose someone to be your life narrator, who would it be and why? This question came to me on a whim last night as I was watching Deadliest Catch on one of the Discovery channels. The show is narrated by Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs and the voice over for Ford F-150 commercials.

Mike has a very strong, manly voice that works well with these shows and the marketing of the F-150. At first I thought this manly quality of his voice was my reason for choosing him as my life narrator. Then I got to thinking about who I am and how that relates. I am a man and while I enjoy watching fishermen getting tossed around on the high seas and watching Mike go into the muckiest realms of society I’m not really an F-150 kind of guy. So what else is about Mike’s voice? The other side of Mike is that he is very down to earth and very approachable and it comes through in the way he talks. These are qualities that I feel are a little closer to who I am and what make Mike Rowe my choice for Scott’s life narrator.

So here’s your challenge: Who is you life narrator? Now, go find a good clip of their voice and post it in the comments with your reasons why you chose this person. When listening to your clip or others, video or audio, close your eyes and really listen. Picture the voice talking about you or whomever you’re reading about. I’d love to hear your life narrator.