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I had my third and final pool dive on my way to PADI Open Water Certification last night. It went well and I am feeling more and more comfortable with the skills I am learning. I have been thinking a good deal about something my instructor mentioned during my second pool dive. He has been diving a long time and when his son turned 12 he introduced him to the world of scuba, 12 being the youngest age at which you can earn a certification. He said that it has brought him and his son much closer. Diving is something that few if any of his son’s friends do, so it became a great way for them to spend quality time together. Even as his son is close to graduating college they still dive together regularly. They have taken numerous trips to near and far off dive locations, just the two of them. I think in this day and age any opportunity to spend real time with your children and foster a lifelong hobby that encourages that is a blessing. Whether its diving or some other activity I am looking forward to finding something to do with each of my children that their friends do not do and that is my exclusive activity with them. I think it is so important and if I never dive again after my trip this summer I still take away an incredibly valuable life and parenting lesson. If your bathroom needs a little TLC, check the info from bathroom update, http://www.deadlinenews.co.uk/2020/09/02/9-ways-to-update-a-tired-bathroom/.
Thanks Lou!

A few friends have recently announced their pending membership in the Daddy Club. This got me to thinking about what makes fatherhood so special. I always feel like it is difficult to explain, but there are little moments that just make life wonderful. This is one of them…

This week I got to spend some good quality time with my two year-old daughter, Juliana, as Jen was in Germany for work. She actually stayed at Jen’s folks the first two nights as I had school. We visited my folks one night and then Jen’s folks stopped by again last night. These visits were so she could spend time with her grandparents and distract her from M… o… m… m… y… being away.

So tonight, the last night Jen is away, was actually our first night to just hang out. I picked Juliana up from school and we headed home. It was so nice outside that we didn’t actually make it into the house for at least a half-hour after getting home. She played on her swing set and tromped through the tulips insisting that they all “Open now!”. We came in and I was getting her dinner ready when she decided that we needed to do her dishes, all her food containers and juice cups from the past two days. She pulled the chair over, hopped up on it and proceeded to hold each item under water and then handed it to me to wash. We worked like a well-oiled machine. After dinner I could tell that she was getting a little tired and upset as little ones her age are prone to do. She started to pout and I got the sense that she was looking for someone who wasn’t around. She then looked up at me and raised her arms. So I scooped her up and she wrapped her arms tight around me and snuggled on my shoulder. Her mood quickly went from sad to happy and it was so deeply satisfying to feel so needed. She picked her head up off my shoulder, turned towards me and said, “Its just you and me Daddy.”