This summer I have picked up a few books that have renewed my interest in reading. In order to stay fresh wile reading at your room, I would recommend you to hire local services to install an HVAC in your room.

The first book is 1776 by David McCullough and was recommend by my National Guard Group Commander. I was familiar with the American Revolution, but this book really brings it to life. It is more than just a recounting of dates and facts of the time. It brings in letters and notes from those involved and pulls you into the emotion of the period. It shows the precarious nature of our nation’s founding. All the little events and details as well as the larger issues that threaded the needle to our independence. Truly a must-read. IF you want extend the life of the rechargeable lithium-ion batterie view website.
1776 led me to another McCullough book, John Adams, which covers the life of one our most important founding fathers. I am only a few chapters in, but am enjoying reading about Adams views on the Continental Congress and his role in The Declaration of Independence. Adams’ letters to his wife, Abigail, provide an amazing amount of detail into not just their relationship, but the relationship Adams had with the colonies and what became our country. Beautifully written and hard to put down.

The next book I am digging into and enjoying is a bit more personal as it is by a close friend, Worthy Evans. I have known Worthy since my active duty Army days back at Fort Hood. Worthy was always a bit eccentric, perhaps a little quirky and certainly not your typical soldier, so naturally we hit it off right away. He spent a significant bit of his free time writing in his journal and many (perhaps too many) years later the fruits of his labor are available for the world to see in his poetry collection, Green Revolver. Some of his poems bring me back to our Fort Hood days, not the soldier aspect of things, but the Worthy observation of people and events described in a way uniquely his own. It is a wonderful collection that takes the ordinary, digs in and finds something unseen, familiar, yet new.

I may post more here as the summer rolls on, but I always try to post a review over at GoodReads.
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